What To Look For When Choosing A Commercial Property For Rent In Derby

What to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Property for Rent in Derby


Charlie Myers

Trying to find your ideal office space can be a complex process. Researching every available commercial space within a certain area can be a very long and boring task. Comparing prices of rent for office space can be impossible when they all offer different things, so it is always advisable to make a list. Work out what is most important to you when searching for commercial property for rent in Derby, and you can then start to prioritise your search results.


Work out what you can spend each month on your rent, and stick to it.


Offices in the heart of Derby will be more expensive than those on the outskirts of the city. City centre accommodation is also less likely to have adequate (or free) parking facilities, and more prone to traffic congestion.


Proximity of transportation

If you are driving in to your office you may not be concerned about the closest transport, but if you will be having other office staff or clients visiting, you will need to consider that they may need to catch the train or bus. How far the motorway or major A roads coming into Derby are from the office will be a consideration for drivers too.

Car parking

If you will be driving, this is important as you will save a fortune in parking charges in Derby city centre with onsite parking. Also, clients driving in will expect a car park facility.

Extra facilities

Work out what you expect and need on site and what is a bonus. Consider things like use of meeting rooms, refreshments and catering facilities, broadband, telephone lines, fax facility, security and a reception area.

Fully inclusive

Do you need a serviced office? Make sure when comparing prices, you take into account serviced versus non-serviced. If you rent an office that is serviced your rent will normally include bills like heating, maintenance and cleaning, which can all help keep your monthly costs down


How long do you need to sign up for? If you choose a smaller office space, can you upgrade at any point (or downgrade in the opposite scenario)?

Consider the actual office space

Is it light and airy? Does it have air conditioning or radiators? Are these things important to you?

Litchurch Plaza

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