Tropical Storm Danny to threaten the U.S. East Coast this weekend

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) has declared an area of disturbed weather north of Puerto Rico Tropical Storm Danny today, skipping the tropical depression stage.

A statement by the NHC said “a general northwestward motion with a decrease in forward speed is expected today and Thursday, with a turn toward the north-northwest expected on Friday.” This path should bring Danny near the North Carolina early this weekend, and possibly threatening the New England region by Sunday. While the storm is currently weak and disorganized, forecasters say the storm could reach Category 1 intensity on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. However, it is not expected to be as strong as the previous storm, Hurricane Bill.

At this point we are monitoring the storm

The center’s most recent forecast discussion on the tropical storm said “The forecast track is roughly parallel to the U.S. East Coast…and any deviation from the track could make a large difference in what areas get impacted by Danny”.

Some residents in the northeast U.S. are already monitoring Danny. Long Island, recovering from coastal flooding just last week as Hurricane Bill passed offshore, might suffer another hit.

Danny is currently situated about 445 mi (715 km) east of Nassau, Bahamas, and has winds of 45 mph (75 km/h). It is moving west-northwest at 16 kt. All interests along the East Coast are urged to keep an eye on the developing storm over coming days.

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Bmw Motorcycles For Sale Excellent Combination Of Fashion And Luxury

By Ashley Romoas

Every time we heard identify of the BMW Bikes for sale, one factor rapidly strike our thoughts is the posh and stylish models related to high end automakers. The producer is well known available in the market, and thus there is no such thing as a want of special introduction. Though they’ve earn good reputation by introducing modern sports sedans and coupes, which epitomize the right mix of high and security performance fashions as well. The general public are usually not conscious that the BMW automaker started their fingers within the manufacturing of motorcycles in the earlier 1923.

At current, the BMW Bikes for sale brings out varied sorts and models employed with the most recent leading edge technology. They are more popular in racing circuit as properly due to the distinctive features and specialties being associated with the motorcycles. The quality types of motorcycles produced by the BMW automaker are extremely in demand and thus most of the kids follow the brand. The engine power, improvement course of and the design are unified as in contrast with the opposite manufacturers. The models provide by the manufacturer are pleasing and lavishing that marks your driving experience with ease and comfort. In addition to, its quality, luxury and comfort, these models are also full of newest know-how in their distinct type of models.

YouTube Preview Image

BMW Bikes for sale is very recognizable throughout the nation; the automaker has separate clubs for fanatics, racers as well as for owners. The automaker can be recognized for sheer durability which is wrapped in the model. As the maker is unique all around the world, they’ve been stamped as prominent manufacturer after we talk about durability and reliability. In many of the actions motion pictures, the BMW bikes are extensively use. And this made the manufacturer to earn more popularity from the fanatic bikers.

Apart from the brand new models, there is good demand for used BMW Bikes on the market as well. As the worth tag for the new mannequin is dear and thus the general public are pull back. So there’s larger choice for BMW lovers in buying the used or second hand BMW Motorcycles. The motors used in the BMW bikes are extremely engineered, which could be stay longer even after 6-7 years. The primary thing you must look out is the proper upkeep and common test up that can enhance the age of the bike sufficiently. The two fashions BMW Okay 1200 and R 1200 are in good demand. Several types of types and designs will appeal to you definitely while buying your individual dream bike of your choice. It is advisable to take a look at the models from dependable sellers that may make it easier to in owing the acceptable model. Due to the status and popularity, the used or second hand fashions too received good reputation in the market.

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John Reed on Orwell, God, self-destruction and the future of writing

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It can be difficult to be John Reed.

Christopher Hitchens called him a “Bin Ladenist” and Cathy Young editorialized in The Boston Globe that he “blames the victims of terrorism” when he puts out a novel like Snowball’s Chance, a biting send-up of George Orwell‘s Animal Farm which he was inspired to write after the terrorist attacks on September 11. “The clear references to 9/11 in the apocalyptic ending can only bring Orwell’s name into disrepute in the U.S.,” wrote William Hamilton, the British literary executor of the Orwell estate. That process had already begun: it was revealed Orwell gave the British Foreign Office a list of people he suspected of being “crypto-Communists and fellow travelers,” labeling some of them as Jews and homosexuals. “I really wanted to explode that book,” Reed told The New York Times. “I wanted to completely undermine it.”

Is this man who wants to blow up the classic literary canon taught to children in schools a menace, or a messiah? David Shankbone went to interview him for Wikinews and found that, as often is the case, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Reed is electrified by the changes that surround him that channel through a lens of inspiration wrought by his children. “The kids have made me a better writer,” Reed said. In his new untitled work, which he calls a “new play by William Shakespeare,” he takes lines from The Bard‘s classics to form an original tragedy. He began it in 2003, but only with the birth of his children could he finish it. “I didn’t understand the characters who had children. I didn’t really understand them. And once I had had kids, I could approach them differently.”

Taking the old to make it new is a theme in his work and in his world view. Reed foresees new narrative forms being born, Biblical epics that will be played out across print and electronic mediums. He is pulled forward by revolutions of the past, a search for a spiritual sensibility, and a desire to locate himself in the process.

Below is David Shankbone’s conversation with novelist John Reed.

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2008 COMPUTEX Taipei: Three awards, One target

Monday, June 23, 2008

2008 COMPUTEX Taipei, the largest trade fair since its inception in 1982, featured several seminars and forums, expansions on show spaces to TWTC Nangang, great transformations for theme pavilions, and WiMAX Taipei Expo, mainly promoted by Taipei Computer Association (TCA). Besides of ICT industry, “design” progressively became the critical factor for the future of the other industries. To promote innovative “Made In Taiwan” products, pavilions from “Best Choice of COMPUTEX”, “Taiwan Excellence Awards”, and newly-set “Design and Innovation (d & i) Award of COMPUTEX”, demonstrated the power of Taiwan’s designs in 2008 COMPUTEX Taipei.

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Preventing Falls Due To Slips And Trips In The Workplace

By Adrianna Norton

Falls due to slips and trips make up a significant percentage in what is called as time-loss injuries in the workplace. There is pain, suffering, and even death involved in these types of accidents. What is more disappointing about these cases is that it doesn’t really have to happen especially when safety measures are prioritized over anything else. Preventing falls due to slips and trips requires a thorough understanding of how falls occur, including the identification of trouble areas.

So, how do falls due to slips and trips occur? First, slips happen when there is little friction between the surface and the person’s footwear. Causes of slips include liquid spills, wet surfaces, loosely anchored mats, sudden change in traction in the walking surface, and weather hazards. Trips, on the other hand, occur when your foot hits an object which causes you to get off balance. Tripping is commonly caused by clutter, wrinkled carpeting, poor lighting, uneven walking surfaces, and an obstructed view.

Knowing the reasons for slips and trips is important because it helps you prevent falls resulting from it. To avoid falls due to slips and trips, good housekeeping is the most fundamental factor to focus on. Clean all spills immediately, mark off wet areas, sweep debris from the floor, keep walkways free from clutter, secure carpets, cover cables that cross walkways, and ensure good lighting always.

YouTube Preview Image

Next to housekeeping, you can change the type of walking surface to avoid slips and falls. Whether you install mats, carpets, or use abrasive-filled paint, it depends on how slip-proof you want your walkway to be. Even then, you still need to have good housekeeping. Another advantage of slip-proof flooring is that it reduces foot fatigue.

The right footwear is also essential in avoiding slips and falls. Proper footwear with anti-slip properties is available from various manufacturers. Be sure to invest in anti-slip footwear if your employees’ jobs require them to work on slippery surfaces.

On a more personal note, remind your employees that they can avoid slips and falls in the workplace by taking the time to pay attention to where they are going. They must also have the conscious effort of adjusting their stride to whatever they are doing and the kind of surface they will be walking in. If they have to work in the dark, make sure they bring a flashlight so they can see where they are going.

In cases like these, prevention is always better. Therefore, see to it that you take the necessary precautions to avoid slips and falls in the workplace. Yes, employers have the responsibility to look after their employees’ welfare, but you have to make your employees aware that they still have to take responsibility for their own actions.

Preventing falls due to slips and trips is necessary for a healthier workplace. It will save you from the possible lawsuits that come as a result of the injuries from these accidents. Therefore, be very vigilant about implementing safety procedures in your office.

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Iran demands that IAEA end surveillance of its nuclear program

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Shortly after ending its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the government of Iran has now ordered the IAEA to discontinue some of its surveillance of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Tehran has also asked the agency to remove any and all signage from their nuclear sites by the end of next week.

This is in response to the Saturday resolution by the IAEA to report Iran to the United Nations Security Council, which was made without waiting for the director of the IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei, chairman of the IAEA, to finish preparing a report on Iran’s civilian (and allegedly military) nuclear programs for the regular IAEA meeting scheduled for March 6. ElBaradei had given Iran until March to answer IAEA questions. By a vote of 27 to three (with five abstentions), and without the information in ElBaradei’s report planned for March 2006, the IAEA recommended that the matter of the Iranian nuclear program be brought before the Security Council.

The recommendation claims that there are serious concerns about Iranian nuclear aims, and the agency does not have confidence that the program is intended solely for civilian or other non-military use. Although the meeting was taken without waiting for ElBaradei’s March report, the recommendation requests ElBaradei to make his report anyway, including a list of “steps Iran needs to take to dispel suspicions about its nuclear ambitions” by March 6.

The IAEA’s resolution calls for Iran to reinstate a freeze on its nuclear programs, consider ending construction of a plutonium-producing heavy water reactor, and to continue allowing the IAEA’s purposes and actions in Iran. However, the council will not implement any further action until ElBaradei makes his full report on March 6.

ElBaradei also reported to the IAEA Monday that Iran would also demand a reduction in the amount of facilities inspections from the agency, and that they would discontinue their agreement to the Additional Protocol of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if the agency reported Iran to the Security Council. This protocol entitles the IAEA to hold unannounced inspections of facilities, increased surveillance capability, and placing IAEA seals on nuclear equipment.

Other diplomatic ventures are being planned. On February 16, Iranian officials will meet with the Russian government in Moscow to discuss the possibility of Russia enriching uranium for export to Iran in exchange for a halting of its nuclear enrichment program. And Wang Guangya, China’s ambassador to the UN, said Monday that “Even with the adoption of this IAEA resolution, it is the belief of most of the members there that a diplomatic solution is the way out within the framework of the IAEA.”

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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/OH-WY

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.

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SpaceX scrubs Falcon I rocket launch

Monday, November 28, 2005

SpaceX called off the much-delayed inaugural launch of their new Falcon 1 rocket on Saturday from Kwajalein’s Omelek Island launch site. The intent was to launch the U.S. Air Force Academy’s FalconSat 2 satellite, which will monitor plasma interactions with the Earth’s upper atmosphere and magnetosphere.

The launch was delayed, then finally cancelled after an oxygen boil-off vent had accidentally been left open. The oxygen was unable to cool the helium pressurant, which then proceeded to evaporate faster than it could be replenished. A main computer issue, probably serious enough to cause a scrub on its own, was also discovered.

This long-anticipated flight was originally expected to be launched in January 2005, however a series of setbacks forced a series of delays, with the flight most recently scheduled to be in early 2006. It was intended to be launched from the Kwajalein atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The maiden voyage was originally intended to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California with a Naval Research Laboratory satellite and a Space Services Incorporated space burial payload.

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Finding The Best Deals On Appliance Service


If you’re searching for the best place to get any of your various appliances serviced, you may have already noticed that there are many locations that offer appliance service in Holden MA. While having a large selection has some obvious benefits, it can also make it difficult to feel confident in the business you select to perform such services. Luckily, there are some easy things that can be done that can help you along the way. Here are some ideas you can implement as you undergo this search.

Beginning your search, ask your friends and family members for recommendations. Talking to the people you can trust the most will allow you to compile a list of businesses that offerappliance service in Holden MA that you’d feel comfortable working with right off the bat. This is a much better way to start your search than to search blindly online, because the recommendations you’re getting are coming directly from trusted sources. After you’ve put together your list, you can research each of the businesses on that list.

A great way to do this research is to view the web site for each business you’re considering going with. On these sites, you’ll generally be able to view basic information, such as pricing and the types of appliances served. Looking at this information will help you in determining which businesses will be able to perform the type of work you need at a price you can afford. After you’ve figured out which of them will suit these needs, you can delve a bit deeper into each of those businesses.

A great way to get additional information at this point is to read online reviews, which are perfect in helping you supplement the research you’ve already done on locations that offer professional appliance servicein Holden MA. For instance, if a friend or family member absolutely raved about a certain business, you may automatically assume that that business would be the one to go with. However, if you read online reviews and many of them seem to be much more tempered, you can take those reviews into account as well in order to make the most educated decision that you can make.


Wikinews discusses DRM and DMCA with Richard Stallman after GitHub re-enables public access to youtube-dl

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

On November 16, code-sharing and hosting service GitHub re-enabled the public access to youtube-dl repository, a software which can download videos from the internet via the command-line. This move comes after Mitchell Stoltz, a Senior Staff Attorney of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), sent a letter to GitHub on the behalf of youtube-dl’s maintainers. The repository was previously blocked on October 23, after GitHub received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down notice from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Started in July 2008, youtube-dl is a free/libré open source software written in Python which can download videos from various websites. Citing alleged violation of 17 U.S. Code § 1201 Circumvention of copyright protection systems, RIAA’s takedown notice had alleged youtube-dl was intended to circumvent the technological protection measures of streaming services and to redistribute music videos without authorisation. youtube-dl’s source code had a number of unit tests to check if the software works in different circumstances or not. Some of the test cases included URLs of some copyrighted songs.

In the letter to GitHub, EFF’s attorney Stoltz said “This file contains series of automated tests that verify the functionality of youtube-dl for streaming various types of video. The youtube-dl source code does not, of course, contain copies of these songs or any others […] the unit tests do not cause a permanent download or distribution of the songs they reference; they merely stream a few seconds of each song to verify the operation of youtube-dl. Streaming a small portion of a song in a non-permanent fashion to test the operation of an independently created software program is a fair use.” The letter stressed “youtube-dl does not decrypt video streams that are encrypted with commercial DRM technologies”.

The URLs to copyrighted songs were removed from the source code on November 16, and replaced with a test video that uploaded on YouTube by Philipp Hagemeister, former maintainer of youtube-dl. Philipp Hagemeister had previously spoken about the takedown with Wikinews.

youtube-dl comes with a small JavaScript interpreter where it acts as a web-browser would behave while receiving video data from the server. The script has “extractors” for various websites to handle videos from different sources. “Any software capable of running JavaScript code can derive the URL of the video stream and access the stream, regardless of whether the software has been approved by YouTube”, the letter read. It borrowed an analogy of Doors of Durin from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings for explanation: travelers come upon a door that has writing in a foreign language. When translated, the writing says “say ‘friend’ and enter.” The travelers say “friend” and the door opens. As with the writing on that door, YouTube presents instructions on accessing video streams to everyone who comes asking for it.

Hours after the public access was restored, Sergey M, one of the maintainers of youtube-dl wrote on GitHub, “We would like to thank @github for standing up for youtube-dl and making it possible to continue development without dropping any features. We appreciate [GitHub] for taking potential legal risks in this regard. We would also like to thank [EFF] and personally [Mitch Stoltz] for invaluable legal help. We would also like to heartily thank our main website hoster Uberspace who is currently being sued in Germany for hosting our essentially business card website and who have already spent thousands of Euros in their legal defense.”

Hours after GitHub restored the public access to the repository, Stoltz tweeted “I think of youtube-dl as a successor to the videocassette recorder. The VCR empowered people to take control of their personal use of free-to-air video, but it had to be saved from the copyright cartel. The same goes for youtube-dl. GitHub did the right thing here.”

youtube-dl is used by thousands of people around the world. Multiple Creative Commons-licensed and public domain videos on Wikimedia Commons are uploaded via a tool called video2commons, which relies on youtube-dl to download media. youtube-dl also lets users download videos from LiveLeak — a video-sharing platform for citizen journalism. Videos downloaded using youtube-dl are also used for the purpose of fair use, or for evidence.

When a copyright holder chooses to release their work, be it a photograph, a video, or audio, under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license, they allow everyone to freely own, share or modify the work as long as the reusers properly attribute the author of the work. YouTube also hosts many audio and video recordings in the public domain which can be used for any purpose without any restrictions.

In the blog post announcing “youtube-dl is back”, GitHub said, “Although we did initially take the project down, we understand that just because code can be used to access copyrighted works doesn’t mean it can’t also be used to access works in non-infringing ways. We also understood that this project’s code has many legitimate purposes, including changing playback speeds for accessibility, preserving evidence in the fight for human rights, aiding journalists in fact-checking, and downloading Creative Commons-licensed or public domain videos.”

GitHub also announced any new 1201 takedown notices will be “carefully scrutinised by legal experts” to reject “unwarranted claims”, and said it will side with software developers if the claims are ambiguous. The announcement also mentioned GitHub Trust and Safety team would treat developer’s tickets as a “top priority”. GitHub also pledged donation of USD 1 million for developer defense fund “to help protect open source developers on GitHub from unwarranted DMCA Section 1201 takedown claims”.

GitHub had blocked public access to many forks of youtube-dl upon receiving the DMCA notice in October. At that time, Wikinews noted public access was not yet restored for the forked repositories listed in RIAA’s copyright notice and was still displays “Repository unavailable due to DMCA takedown”.

During the period when GitHub had disabled public access for the repository, Sergey M had been developing youtube-dl and hosting it on GitLab, another code-sharing and hosting site. However, since GitHub has restored public access of youtube-dl, Sergey M has made the GitLab repository private.

After this, Wikinews reached out to Richard Stallman, the founder of Free Software Foundation, who has been highly critical of DRM (digital rights management, the subject of the DMCA) for many years now, to discuss the harms of DRM and DMCA 1201.

Retrieved from “https://en.wikinews.org/w/index.php?title=Wikinews_discusses_DRM_and_DMCA_with_Richard_Stallman_after_GitHub_re-enables_public_access_to_youtube-dl&oldid=4619261”