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How To Use A Professional Organizer To Help Your Business

By Van Theodorou

A professional organizer can help both individuals and businesses become more productive by becoming better organized. The professional organizer will give you tips and tricks that they have used in the past to help people regain organization.

The professional organizer has plenty to offer the small business. First and foremost is the basic design of the office area. The organizer will help to locate the best spaces to put desks and cubicles for maximum efficiency. Planners are familiar with the latest in desk designs as well as desk accessories that can help to create a proficient work environment.

Many things that the ordinary small business owner would not think of are often part of the list of functions that the professional organizer performs. For example, the color of the walls, carpet and fixtures are all important considerations in planning the best office. Some colors create a better work atmosphere than other colors do.

The professional organizer will also help to determine the most efficient use of existing space. Many times the small business owner has not planned properly and has allowed disorganization to take over. The organizer can help find the best storage solutions as well as set up organized areas to help create an organized and efficient office space.


A professionally organized office is particularly important when clients are involved. When the office is a place where you meet with clients it is important that the space be kept extremely organized. Organized closets, even at work, can help to keep the office looking good and running well.

There are other important factors that may be overlooked when designing an office space for your small business. One such area is communications. Take into account the type of communications system you need for your office. Think about the types of calls that will be both made and received. Allow for speaker phones in conference rooms so that meetings can be held effortlessly. Allow an area for visiting clients or employees to use where they can leave their briefcases as well as make important phone calls.

The communication plan should also include a well-designed calling plan. Small and medium sized companies may benefit by using a T1 service for long distance or a T1 internet connection. Be sure that the wiring in the offices and desk areas is sufficient to run both a computer and telephone.

Common areas should be designed for specific uses. For example, a copy room should have copy and fax machines as well as house the paper and other supplies needed to use them. A good work surface or counter in these areas helps employees stay organized when they use these services. This helps them save time.

Other ways the professional organizer can help is by giving you methods to stay organized. While it’s one thing to start out organized most people and businesses don’t stay that way for too long. What helps is when the organizer puts specific methods in place to help keep things organized. This can mean the difference between an office that gets messy and one that stays organized.

The well-organized office should account for things such as recycling, paper distribution, refuse and supply storage. Special locking cabinets should be in place to house important supplies or equipment such as spare computers. Organized closets with shelving helps to maintain an uncluttered work area.

The professional organizer can be well-worth his or her costs. The improved work environment makes for an enhanced work experience – one where the employees are both happy and efficient.

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