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Create Your Website Like Covoiturage}

Submitted by: Frances Harper

If you have been longing to have your own covoiturager clone, then your dream is just about to be true. We offer you one of the best Covoiturage clone that can help you launch your own carrier as an entrepreneur in minutes.

All you need to do is log on to our website and check out the demo of the covoiturager clone and buy it. Once you buy it, we can launch that website for you and you can be on your way to becoming the next big entrepreneur.

Why is the Covoiturage clone the best?

Lifetime extendable license

No research needed

Onetime payment

Lifetime service and maintenance

All minor bug fixes free

Pre set market of buyers

Great market demand

24*7 helpline

What else could you need!

This website has not just been made into a clone of an original website but it has been particularly designed to facilitate the users as much as possible. This site aims at becoming the best travel solution for ride seekers and car owners to make carpooling an absolute joy while allowing the administrator of the site to reap all the monetary advantages.

You buy you win

All you do is make a onetime payment for the website rights. Once you get the site for yourself, we offer you a lifetime extendible license with the same, so that you have no legal hassles with our site ever! Whats more our website has a fully automated functionality that makes all calculation a piece of cake.

You simply need to feed in your pre decided % value of the amount that you need to deduct as commission and every time a seat is booked through your website, you will automatically get your commission.

So, you buy the cloned site from us one day and then you can completely forget about it! You can keep an eye on your bank accounts of course, as they will be growing at a much faster rate than your expectations!

The best features

Geo location: amongst the best features of the site is the geo location quality. It helps the users of the site pick and choose rides in and around their area. The site smartly senses the location where the query is being made and then offers suggestions that are around your area itself.

Multi Language: this option helps non English speakers search for their preferred rides to their destinations.

Multi Currency: this option is such that it facilitates the administrator of the site to expand the boundaries of the usability of the site. You can extend this site across other countries too.

Choosing the right clone

Before you bet your money on it, make sure that you take a free demo of the site so that you arent faced with something that you did not expect. It is a great business idea and you should not waste any time in picking it up! Just give it a shot and see your business grow!

About the Author: Frances Harper is associated with BlaBlaCar and has been exploring carpooling himself to write on this niche. You can read his blogs and articles on Covoiturage Clone that he has shared with the world.More Info:


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