Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist And Prosthodontic Expert Offers Top Level Dentistry To Greater Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist and Prosthodontic Expert Offers Top-Level Dentistry to Greater Los Angeles Area


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Those seeking the services of an expert-level cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles and surrounding areas need look no further than the services of this specialty Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist.

Dr. Parviz Azar-Mehr’s educational resume has seen him travel all over the world. As a post-doctoral student continuing his education, Azar-Mehr furthered his dental expertise by attending London University, New York University and the University of Michigan, all in different intervals in time.

Practicing from an office located within the Los Angeles area, Dr. Azar-Mehr reaches out to those in need of cosmetic dentistry and prosthetics, and performs at a caliber that other dentists in his region someday hope to achieve themselves.


Dr. Parviz Azar-Mehr currently maintains a prestigious role in the University of Southern California’s Clinical Dentistry Program. As Professor of Clinical Dentistry in USC’s Post-Doctoral Education, Advanced Prosthodontics Department, Azar-Mehr continues to lend his knowledge and technique to students decades after his own educational goals have been fulfilled.

A Los Angeles-based Cosmetic Dentist, Parviz Azar-Mehr has traveled the world abroad, teaching students and further educating understudying hopeful practitioners of dentistry via his lectures and seminars on prosthodontics and advanced dentistry.

Dr. Azar-Mehr reaches out to the students of USC, as well as the world over, spreading the knowledge of effective and proper cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontic techniques. He does this in an effort to shape the better dentists of tomorrow, and leave behind his legacy of quality prosthodontics and expert cosmetic dentistry to entirely new generation of future prosthodontic specialists, and cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles.

His innovative and tactical methods of properly treating the teeth sets him apart from other dentists doing dental implants in Los Angeles, as well as other Los Angeles prosthodontic dentists, which are of rare breed, and of even rarer acumen.

Dr. Azar-Mehr stakes his claim in serving patients who’ve come upon a need for prosthodontic dentistry in and around Los Angeles, serving areas such as Westwood, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Burbank, Los Feliz, and other areas regional within Los Angeles County.

When it comes to choosing a dentist within Los Angeles, prosthodontic dentists can be hard to come by. Often times, implants are installed to the tune of some kind of discomfort, and partials and crowns end up fitted incorrectly, which can result in breakage or discomfort within the mouth.

While these steps require detail and precision, sometimes even the touch of a precise and intricate hand, often times these measures are completed far too quickly, and to the detriment of the treated in time.

Dr. Azar-Mehr has not only practiced, but has also taught varied facets of dentistry to his students and future dentists for the last 25 years of his life, dedicating his knowledge, his hand and his mind to shaping not only the future dentists of Los Angeles, but also the betterment of the mouths of those he treats.

Thanks to the expertise of Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Parviz Azar-Mehr, those in the L.A. area are smiling a little more brightly.

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Perfect Porcelain Veneer Tooth Shapes For Your New Smile

Do you struggle with your teeth? Do you have a smile that you aren’t proud of? Then you can consider getting the perfect new smile with porcelain veneers by a reputed dental care clinic.

This is the latest addition to veneers. And, it is much better than the older ones. But, before you can consider getting these for you, you need to make sure that you know everything there is to know about these veneers.

What are porcelain veneers?

Before you can consider getting porcelain veneers, you first need to know what these veneers are and if this is something that you can consider. There are many people that don’t consider this procedure, just because they don’t know what this really is.

Porcelain veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are in the shape of teeth. This is then placed over your teeth, to prepare any broken or cracked teeth. Making your smile new again. There are some great benefits of getting porcelain veneers, but there are some negative things about getting it as well.

Is this something that I can consider?

Is this something that I can consider? This is a question that we are getting a lot. And, there are a couple of things that you need to know before you can consider getting these veneers. You can’t decide to get it, without all the information.

If you have teeth that are broken, or not straight, then this is something that you can consider. This is if you have health insurance that will cover this procedure or if you have the money to pay cash for it. This is even something that you can consider getting if your teeth are discolored. A great option if you are working with people and you are losing self-confidence of your smile.

Advantages and disadvantages of the veneers

You need to make sure that you know the advantages and the disadvantages of getting porcelain veneers before you are making your final decision. The moment that you are comparing the advantages with the disadvantages you will know if this is something that you can consider or not.

The main benefit is that you will have a brand-new smile. Something that you can be proud of. And, it will look exactly like your natural teeth. During the procedure, you will only need a small amount of anesthesia. It isn’t as painful as with some of the other procedures.

The disadvantage is that because of the enamel that is removed from your natural teeth, the veneers are irreversible. Meaning that you can’t charge to your own teeth again. Even if the veneers are strong, it can be damaged by eating really cold things like ice and there might be some color difference between the veneers and your natural teeth.

Taking care of the porcelain veneers

Taking care of the porcelain veneers isn’t as hard as what people might think. You should take care of them, just as you would take care of your own teeth. Daily care and being careful about chewing hard food are important.

This is the great thing about the porcelain veneers. It is easy to take care of it, and there is no reason why you will struggle to keep them clean and in good shape.

Porcelain veneers are a good option if you want to have a new smile. A smile that has perfect teeth. But, before you can get your veneers, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. You need to make sure that this is something that you want to get because you can’t reverse the procedure.


Best Weight Loss Foods: 50 Delicious Foods That Help You Lose Weight

By Janine Michaels

When people go on a diet, they often think that they’ll have to deprive themselves of anything tasty or good for the sake of losing some pounds. While it’s true that you’ll need to deny yourself those fatty food items that you’re used to eating all the time, it’s also true that you can still find plenty of foods for weight loss to keep your dieting experience full of flavor and variety.

The best diets are ones that don’t force you to eat bland food every single day, and, pretend that you’re actually going to like it. I’m sure you’ve been on some of these strict plans that made you feel cranky and ready to toss out every piece of lettuce onto the cold, hard floor. I mean, yes, you need to eat healthy, but there’s got to be some enjoyment too.

Many people give up on their diet after two or three weeks because they just can’t take the loss of enjoyment any longer. We eat to live, but we also eat to savor and enjoy our food. Take away the joy, and there’s not really much incentive to eat another plate of greens with light dressing.

Some of the most popular diet plans available today feature cheat days – days in which you can eat whatever you like. While you don’t want to go hog wild on cheat days, you can enjoy these days with abandon, if you stock up on healthy food items. When your cupboards are filled with fatty foods, then guess what? You’ll eat them without thinking. If you stock up on tasty, but low calorie foods, you’ll still be able to stick with your weight loss goals without feeling guilty.

Here’s a list of low fat food items that can make your low calorie meals more enjoyable:


Beverages – Water (plain or flavored), seltzer water (plain or flavored), black coffee, regular or herbal tea, ginger ale, juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables, smoothies.

Cereals – Cheerios (or similar), Bran Cereal, Plain Shredded Wheat, Fiber One, Wheaties, Whole Grain Total (or similar), Oatmeal.

Breads – Light breads that have no more than 45 calories per slice. Some varieties: multigrain, oatmeal, wheat, rye, Italian and sourdough.

Legumes – Any canned bean or dried bean is good. If you like Mexican food, go for the low fat refried beans. Some varieties: peas, kidney, lentils, chickpeas, black, green, lima, pinto and black eyed pea beans.

Condiments – Low fat or fat free mayonnaise, mustard (yellow, spicy or flavored), tomato puree, tomato paste, tomato sauce, tomato juice, low fat butter or margarine, cooking sprays (olive oil, canola oil or flavored), balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, tarragon vinegar, wine vinegar, horseradish, onion powder, garlic powder, seasoning salt, dried herbs (oregano, thyme, rosemary, dill basil, etc.), dried spices (cinnamon, cocoa powder, cloves, cumin, ginger, nutmeg, curry, allspice, paprika, etc.), extracts (vanilla, almond, maple, peppermint, etc.), cocoa powder and low fat salad dressing.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables – Buy a variety of frozen vegetable mixes. When you can’t have fresh, frozen is the next best thing.

Spreads – Peanut butter, honey, low sugar jams and jellies

Pasta and Rice – Brown rice, long grain rice, whole wheat pasta, whole grain pasta, spinach pasta, whole wheat couscous, barley, kasha, bulgur, quinoa and whole grain cornmeal.

Soups – Low calorie flavors (chicken, rice, bean, pea, beef, etc.)

Candy – Surprise! Stick to the regular kind to quell your sweet tooth. Flavored hard candy (candy cane, lollipops, sour balls, fruit flavored, caramel and chocolate hard candies), chewing gum.

Seafood – fresh, canned or smoked salmon, tuna, haddock, halibut, sardines, etc.

Soy – Tofu, Boca Burgers, Garden Burgers, etc.

Dessert – Frozen yogurt, low fat ice cream, low fat frozen treats (Creamsicles, Fudgesicles, Popsicles, fruit juice bars)

Snacks – Nuts (almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts), popcorn (plain or with a sprinkle of powdered seasoning), crackers.

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Tips On Removing Garden Weeds At Your Home

Submitted by: Xander Palmer

Garden weeds are a menace to every garden. They take away the nourishment from the soil and do not allow the ample growth of grass and other garden plants. Garden weeds also spoil the look of a garden and they just stand out showing a garden as unkempt. The removal of garden weeds is absolutely necessary and therefore it is important that you know about the various weed removers that there are.

There is always an option to pluck the garden weeds out and though all those who have a small garden might resort to this method, yet this is not a permanent solution for removal of garden weeds. Why should one not pluck out the garden weeds by the root and let go of the weed killers as an option? The reason is simple. First of all the garden weeds grow all by themselves and therefore though you might pull one out by the roots but there is no guarantee that there will be no residual remains that might grow into a new crop of garden weeds again. Secondly trying to remove garden weeds by hand or by slashing or cutting them will yield no results. They would grow back far more quickly. If you try and remove the garden weeds by hand, one by one, the process will take a lot of time and therefore it becomes important that the weed killers are used.


Weed killers to remove garden weeds are the safest, quickest and the most efficient option. There are two major categories of weed killers. The first category of these garden weeds removers are the organic weed killers and the second category is that of the inorganic or chemical weed killers. These weed killers are all to be used in accordance with the need because excess usage may not just remove the garden weeds but also the other plants that might be there. There are different types of weed killers to remove garden weeds. These weed killers are available in granular, gel, liquid and spray forms. The best way to use a weed killer is to spread it into the entire area so that any possibility of garden weeds growing in the region is eradicated. This can be achieved both in your garden as well as the big fields.

When it comes to garden weeds in the garden, then it is easy to apply the weed killers. You can use any of them and spread them out evenly as per the instructions given. Always follow the instructions correctly because the procedure is different with garden weeds already there in the garden and separate with the garden weeds not there but likely to grow. Never exceed the usage of weed killers to remove garden weeds because that can result in more harm than good, especially when you plan to remove the garden weeds from your garden which has a smaller area than a regular field. Here excesses can cause the removal of both garden weeds and fertility of soil.

About the Author: Expert writer with many years of experience of writing on a wide variety of subjects.There are many types for removing

readily available online and offline. I used a non selective

at my home and it worked very quickly and they have never returned to the areas I sprayed.


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