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Risks And Contradictions Of Active Release Technique

By Terry Small

ART or active release technique is a breakthrough in the field of natural treatment which uses the manipulation of soft spots or soft tissues within the body of the patient to treat specific problems such as muscle damage, injuries, and pain. It is an excellent method of organizing groups of muscles in their original forms by releasing and loosening tension build ups around the different areas of the body.

The need for soft tissue repair and treatment in Colorado was the reason why chiropractor P. Michael Leahy invented and developed such a fantastic and effective therapeutic massage for his patients. Dr. Leahy noticed the lack of correct therapy for treating injuries related with soft tissue among his patients and that most of them suffer from this problem. This led to the development and success of active release technique.

Although it became a popular type of massage therapy due to its high success rate of 90 percent, there are still some minor risks and contradictions. Among these is the finding that this technique is not appropriate and should never be used on any active inflammation within the whole body of the patient as well as on cases of blunt trauma. The use of ART on such cases could result to the worsening of the condition of the patient. Inexperienced and unknowledgeable performance of this therapy can’t handle the treatment and removal of adhesions on the different areas of the patient’s body. However, these are minor risks and contradictions as compared to the benefits and advantages that it gives to the patients.


The advice of medical experts though should be considered before engaging on such therapeutic medical care. This type of massage therapy should also be performed by a licensed and experienced massage therapist as it involves body movement and unusual body positioning that may result to injury if not done by a knowledgeable person on human anatomy. Uncalculated positioning of the body can result to unwanted injuries on the part of the patient that is why the guidance of an expert is required on this type of therapy. Aside from the fact that using a professional ART massage therapist can lower the risk of injuries and contradictions, best results can only be achieved if massaged and worked on by these therapists.

Aside from the risks and contradictions, most reports and researches pertaining to active release technique are all pointing out the positive and beneficial results a patient can acquire from having regular sessions of this therapeutic massage technique. Actual results on patients who underwent active release technique express their wonderful experience.

Benefits of having active release technique as a part of regular medical care includes the relief of acute to chronic muscle pain, stress relief, unblocking of nerves, release of muscle tensions, strengthening of the muscle, good flexibility of the joints, and many more. Slight pain that lasts for a short period of time can also be expected after the massage session which will later on be replaced by a relaxed and relieved feeling from the therapy.

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Benefits Of Dog And Cat Pet Massage

byAlma Abell

Your pet is your close companion. He or she is your friend and a member of your family. Some days, the best reward for your pet is to treat him or her to a massage. In Middleburgh a veterinarian should understands the need to pamper your pet. This is particularly true if the animal is a working one.

What Is a Pet Massage?At its most basic, a pet massage is upgraded petting. When you notch it up, it becomes a diagnostic tool for discovering health issues; it also becomes a therapeutic method to address pain issues in your pet. While a Middleburg veterinarian may not be part of an alternative veterinarian clinic, he or she does recognize the effects of certain holistic and complementary practices.

Canine and Feline MassagePet massage is one way to help you bind with a new animal and increase your bond with your current pet. It also allows you to spend quality and even fun time with your favorite four-legged friend. You can give him or her the best massages possible if you master a few basic techniques.

Several books and videos exist to help guide you through the practice. In general, the texts provide clear instructions accompanied by pictures to help guide you through the process. They remind you to always speak softly, never raising your voice. This helps to soothe and calm the pet during the process. They will show you how to apply slight pressure (acupressure) to certain areas. This will help to relieve tension and any strain or stress to the muscles. Moving your hands over a dog or cat in this fashion will help you find any lumps or unusual growths.

Hire a ProfessionalIf you are not sure or confident and do not put faith in correctly interpreting the images and direction in books or videos, a Middleburg veterinarian would recommend you take your pet to a professional. A professional pet masseuse is aware of all the techniques. They can relax your pet effortlessly and help your pet enjoy the entire procedure from start to finish.

Seeing, as recommended by a Middleburg veterinarian, a professional will ensure your pet receives a correct massage. It also gives you a chance to observe the technique and learn from it. Pet massage borrows from the best of human massage. It adapts the techniques used in Swedish Massage including:


In the end, you will get back one happy, relaxed cat or dog.

Talk to a Middleburg Veterinarian

Research indicates the power of massage. It can act as an early warning system of various health issues such as cancerous tumors and lumps. It can aid in recovery from surgery through its ability to increase the blood and lymph flow. If you massage your animal, your Middleburg veterinarian will applaud you. If nothing else, it makes his or her job so much easier. Massaging is, after all, one means of increasing your cat or dog’s acceptance of being handled.

If you are looking for a vet who is there for you when you need him or her, contact a Middleburg Veterinarian at the Argyle Animal Clinic. Their professional staff has been helping pet owners with the care of their pets for more than 25 years. From cats and dogs to the exotic, we can provide the best in veterinarian care. To learn more about our unmatched bedside manner and approach, visit us online at

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Organic Face Creams With Cynergy Tk And Nano Lipobelle H Eq10

By Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

A high quality organic face cream seems to be what is on the minds of many people nowadays. They are hoping to find that antioxidant face cream organic ingredients will give them the healthy results that they have been looking for. Good luck finding one though.

Finding a high quality organic face cream can be much like looking for a needle in a haystack. The department stores rarely carry anything of the kind of quality that you are looking for in an all natural cream. Mostly what you will find in these stores will do you more harm than good.

In order to be effective your antioxidant face cream with organic ingredients should all be healthy for you to use. This is not often the case as far as the products that you will typically find on department store or pharmacy shelves. The majority of them are loaded with harmful chemical agents.

The major companies seem to believe that all that they have to do is put one or two natural ingredients into their organic face cream, and then they can fill out the rest of the product using whatever they want. Many of the chemicals that are regularly used can cause you great physical harm over time.


An antioxidant face cream with organic content should actually be something that you can use. Collagen is a naturally occurring substance, but it is not absorbable through the skin, so it is simply a wasted ingredient in any form of topical cream. The sources that they derive the collagen from make it incompatible with our own collagen.

An organic face cream should be composed of mainly vegetable or plant based ingredients. These oils are the closest in physical properties to the skin’s own natural oil making them more easily absorbable by your skin than any of the petroleum based moisturizers so commonly used today.

The best antioxidant face cream organic ingredients are without a doubt contained in Cynergy TK with Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. This is a mixture of nano emulsified CoenzymeQ10 and Natural vitamin E that is specially blended in order to maximize penetration. Cynergy TK uses just a single antioxidant molecule to wipe out millions of free radicals.

Cynergy TK is one of the features of an organic face cream line that was created by a company hailing out of New Zealand. They have created this formula for their anti aging skin care program, and have been receiving rave reviews for their products ability to stimulate the re-growth of collagen and elastin.

Their antioxidant face cream organic features only the finest natural ingredients such as active New Zealand Manuka honey, Phytessence Wakame Japanese brown sea kelp extract, Babassu palm oil, Maracuja passion fruit extract, and many more natural oils and waxes.

Their organic face cream is being touted as the absolute best anti aging cream available on today’s market. Their products can only be ordered directly through them, so you will not see these fine creams and lotions in stores. Try their products today if you want products that are as effective as they are safe.

About the Author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who specializes in natural skin care products using only clinically proven ingredients like Nano Lipobelle H-EQ10 and Cynergy TK. At her website she recommends the best organic face creams available today. For more information visit her website


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You May Able To Learn Something New At One Of The Hair Schools In Salina

byAlma Abell

The ever changing hair styles can make it difficult for a hair stylist to be able to keep up with the latest trend, but you can take classes at one of the Hair Schools in Salina to be able to keep up with the changes. There are classes to allow you to learn the new cutting techniques, new methods of dying, and any new tools that are on the market. It can be a great way for you to better your skills so that you can expand your clientele easily.

When you go to sign up to take classes at the hair school, you want to be sure that you take the time to find out about all of the classes that are available. There are often classes offered at different times of the day and you want to be sure that you only sign up for classes that you will be able to attend. You may also want to choose to only take one class at a time. This will allow you to be sure that you are not taking on too much at one time. You can choose to work at the same time to ensure that you do not go into debt while trying to better your skill set. Juggling work and school may not be easy at first, but it is worth the effort. The more skills you have, the more clients you will be able to help.

When you take the classes, it is important to pay attention to what you are taught. There are some stylists who assume that they know everything there is to know about styling hair and do not take the time to consider that there may be different approaches or developments that have been discovered. Taking the time to pay attention in class may help you learn a new way to do something, which could make your job easier in the end. Being able to accomplish the same task with less effort can give you the ability to be able to please more of your clients in less time. You can find all of the information you need at

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Boost Memory With Chinese Club Moss And Huperzine A

By Darrell Miller

Chinese club moss goes by the name Huperzia serrata, and gives its name to the sesquiterpene alkaloid it contains: huperzine A. This alkaloid has been found to be a superstar in the arena of brain-saving treatments for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and age-related senility. Studies in China have found up to 60% improvements in the cognitive functions of such patients, and its potential has been recorded in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This is no mere folk remedy, and is the subject of serious study.

Known as Qian Ceng Ta, Chinese club moss has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries for the treatment of fever and inflammation, which is not surprising considering that most plants contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. However, what is unusual is the fact that it has also been found effective in treating some forms of dementia and depression, and also helps to reduce the incidence of panic attacks in those susceptible to them.

Not only that, but the plant has been found to possess diuretic properties, and a reduction in the swelling associated with water retention could also help to reduce the pain and other effects of swelling and inflammation. However, for now it is its effect on the brain that we are concerned, and research has indicated the likely mechanism by which huperzine A works.

Huperzine is an enzyme inhibitor – specifically inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase that breaks down acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in the processes of memory, learning and mood. Outside the brain, it is involved in the movement of skeletal muscle tissue as well as in the regulation of cardiac and other smooth muscles such as those of the blood vessels.

When acetylcholinesterase (AChE) attacks acetylcholine (ACh), the latter attaches to a chemical site on the enzyme where it is then destroyed. It is a deliberate function of the body, designed to terminate a synaptic transmission. The purpose of a neurotransmitter is to allow the transmission of an electrical impulse form one nerve cell to another over a gap between them known as a synapse. Once the transmission has been completed, the enzyme can destroy the neurotransmitter, and then another takes its place. In fact one molecule of AChE can destroy around 5,000 molecules of ACh.


However, with age and for other reasons, these neurotransmitters can become depleted so that it becomes increasingly more difficult for brain cells to communicate with each other, and their destruction becomes undesirable. There are drugs available to help prevent this happening (e.g. donepezil, galantamine and tacrine), and so help to improve the memory and mental function of people as they grow older or contract conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Huperzine A has been found to take up the site in the acetylcholinesterase molecule that would normally have been used by the acetylcholine, and so save it from destruction. The more Huperzine A molecules present, the more acetylcholine available to pass messages between brain cells, and the stronger the cognitive function of the subject or patient. The pharmaceutical drugs mentioned in the previous paragraph work in exactly the same way.

This is a very specific reaction, one molecule adopting exactly the same space as the other, and has been proved scientifically by comparing the physical shapes of the two molecules. It’s just like a jigsaw puzzle, where only one piece can fit into each position. Except here there are two: Huperzine A and acetylcholine both fit into the exact same place in the chemical structure of the acetylcholinesterase molecule.

The biochemistry of the reactions involved is very complex, and shall not be discussed here, but the upshot is that Huperzine A can do exactly the same job as modern drugs to avoid this hydroxylation of the ACh needed for the proper functioning of your brain.

In fact, clinical trials have indicated Huperzine A not only to be comparable in effect to the drugs current used, but also likely safer with respect to the possible side effects. This has still to be confirmed, but the National Institute on Aging is currently carrying out a trial to evaluate this claim in tandem with its effect on Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been examined at Harvard University for its effect on epilepsy on patients with whom alternative pharmaceutical treatments have been unsuccessful.

Another suggested benefit of Huperzine A is that it is an NMDA (N-methyl D-aspartate) receptor antagonist that provides protection against damage to the brain by an excess of glutamates, and that it can also help to protect nerve cells from damage. Since NDMA is responsible for the transmission of some types of pain, the antagonist can also act as an analgesic.

There are other benefits that Chinese club moss can provide, and myasthenia gravis is one of them. Although relatively rare, this is a serious condition in which acetylcholine receptors are deactivated on muscle cells. This is achieved through the autoimmune system malfunctioning and creating antibodies against the receptors, and the end result is paralysis and respiratory failure.

Huperzine A reduces the AChE available and so might possibly enable the acetylcholine to work more effectively and delay or even stop the deterioration of muscle function. When people hear of muscle paralysis they frequently forget that breathing requires muscle function, as indeed does your heartbeat. This is currently surmise, and studies are being carried out to determine whether or not this usage of Huperzine A is viable.

Another promising application of Chinese club moss extract is in preventing organophosphate poisoning. These pesticides permanently suppress acetylcholine. This results in seizures due to a lack of interruption of the signals from nerves to muscles. The seizures can result in rapid death from uncontrollable seizures, or from permanent contraction of the diaphragm muscle that allows breathing. Although no human studies have yet been carried out, animals given Huperzine A prior to organophosphate exposure have survived without seizures.

There are no doubts that Chinese club moss and the Huperzine A extracted from it are effective in preventing the suppression of acetylcholine, and in permitting the proper activity of this important neurotransmitter. It is finding an increasing number of potential uses beneficial to the human body, not the least of which would be a partial remedy for some of the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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