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Does Your Company Need To Prepare Group Accounts?

Does Your Company Need to Prepare Group Accounts?


Lily Foreman

Due to changes in the 2006 Companies Act, there have been some amends to the requirements of Groups preparing company accounts for their subsidiary companies. Following is a brief breakdown of the changes and what they could mean for your company.

Following changes to company law, medium sized groups will now be required to prepare group accounts to be filed at Companies House – Small and medium sized groups were exempt from this previously.

If your company is the parent company of a mid sized group of companies, then you must prepare accounts that combine both your own financial performance and position AND the subsidiary companies.

Such accounts are known as “group accounts”.

Group accounts can be fairly complex depending on the size of the parent group and the number of companies within it.

How do I know if my company is affected?


The 2006 Companies Act had a phased implementation – with the exemption for mid sized group accounts being removed for accounting periods beginning on or after 6 April 2008.

This means that companies with a year end of 30 April 2009 were the first to be affected.

However, if your company has an unusual year end (or prepares accounts for less than one year) your company may have been affected slightly sooner.

For a group of companies to be qualified as medium sized (not small) two of the following three thresholds need to be exceeded for two consecutive years:-

Turnover – 6.5m net ( 7.8m gross)

Gross Assets – 3.26m net ( 3.9m gross)

Employees – 50

How do I know if my company is part of a group?

A group of companies is when one company has a controlling interest in one or more other companies – ordinarily the “parent” company will own more than 50% of the ordinary share capital of the “subsidiary” company.

Are there any exemptions?

Yes. Small groups of companies will remain exempt as they always have been from filing group accounts with companies house.

Parent companies which are also a subsidiary company are likely to be exempt. Provided that they form part of a larger group of companies for which group accounts are prepared.

Parent companies whose subsidiary interests can be considered immaterial are also exempt.

If you have any questions about the changes to preparing group accounts and how they will effect your company, contact your chartered accountants firm.

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Does Your Company Need to Prepare Group Accounts?

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Home Business Idea For Women

Home Business Idea for Women


Long Lee Wee

The women of today are far different from the past century. Women today need to play many roles besides taking care of family members. Many women need to go out to work for contributing income to the family as they are no more full time housewives that only served their husband and kids.

Actually there were many ways for women to pursue a career, which they not necessary required to go out from home and work in other places. Many business opportunities have specially designated for the ease of women by enabling them for earning money and at the same time taking care of their family.

There were few business ideas (as mentioned below) would be helpful for women for challenging themselves for becoming successful home business women:

Home Tuition


Home Tuition is a perfect home based business idea for women as this job required a lot of patience. Women can start recruiting their customers (most is kids) from neighbors and the people they known. From syllabus planning to daycare, women can start this home business career from small scale, probably teach three to five kids in one class and running one or twice in a day. Sooner or later class size will increase and the income earned from this business is unlimited.

Online Home Business For Women

There were many ways to earn money from the internet, and women can create their own Women Home Based Business Hub by integrating few making money online ideas like make profit through Blog, paid surveys, Affiliate Marketing, setting up an online stall etc. These making money online opportunities can produce unlimited multiple stream of income for women.

Join MLM Network

Multilevel Marketing might be another good option for women to start their business at home. Followed track record by MLM companies, many housewives has been successfully transformed to a successful Home Business Women as they themselves never think of that before. The beauty part of MLM now is they can be even be acquiring through online, people can sell or introduce their product through online, face to face selling has been decrease and this method definitely make every women much more comfortable for running a business.

Become a freelance Writer

Another good home business idea for women is to become a freelance writer. Write whatever you know and expert and contributing it to the respective article submission company. Many online article submission companies would love to accept and paid for your article. They will even index your article If the article that you wrote is quality.

Home Pet Daycare Center

Minority women owned business for pets, provided they are the experts in this field. Anyhow, pet business might be another good home business idea for women as taking care of pets also required for a lot of patience.

There were still many home business ideas for women and like I said earlier women will never failed in business as they possessed a lot of patience.

For more Home Business Idea for Women, Please visit:

Home Business Women

Long Lee Wee

Home Business Women

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Home Business Idea for Women

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Preventing Falls Due To Slips And Trips In The Workplace

By Adrianna Norton

Falls due to slips and trips make up a significant percentage in what is called as time-loss injuries in the workplace. There is pain, suffering, and even death involved in these types of accidents. What is more disappointing about these cases is that it doesn’t really have to happen especially when safety measures are prioritized over anything else. Preventing falls due to slips and trips requires a thorough understanding of how falls occur, including the identification of trouble areas.

So, how do falls due to slips and trips occur? First, slips happen when there is little friction between the surface and the person’s footwear. Causes of slips include liquid spills, wet surfaces, loosely anchored mats, sudden change in traction in the walking surface, and weather hazards. Trips, on the other hand, occur when your foot hits an object which causes you to get off balance. Tripping is commonly caused by clutter, wrinkled carpeting, poor lighting, uneven walking surfaces, and an obstructed view.

Knowing the reasons for slips and trips is important because it helps you prevent falls resulting from it. To avoid falls due to slips and trips, good housekeeping is the most fundamental factor to focus on. Clean all spills immediately, mark off wet areas, sweep debris from the floor, keep walkways free from clutter, secure carpets, cover cables that cross walkways, and ensure good lighting always.


Next to housekeeping, you can change the type of walking surface to avoid slips and falls. Whether you install mats, carpets, or use abrasive-filled paint, it depends on how slip-proof you want your walkway to be. Even then, you still need to have good housekeeping. Another advantage of slip-proof flooring is that it reduces foot fatigue.

The right footwear is also essential in avoiding slips and falls. Proper footwear with anti-slip properties is available from various manufacturers. Be sure to invest in anti-slip footwear if your employees’ jobs require them to work on slippery surfaces.

On a more personal note, remind your employees that they can avoid slips and falls in the workplace by taking the time to pay attention to where they are going. They must also have the conscious effort of adjusting their stride to whatever they are doing and the kind of surface they will be walking in. If they have to work in the dark, make sure they bring a flashlight so they can see where they are going.

In cases like these, prevention is always better. Therefore, see to it that you take the necessary precautions to avoid slips and falls in the workplace. Yes, employers have the responsibility to look after their employees’ welfare, but you have to make your employees aware that they still have to take responsibility for their own actions.

Preventing falls due to slips and trips is necessary for a healthier workplace. It will save you from the possible lawsuits that come as a result of the injuries from these accidents. Therefore, be very vigilant about implementing safety procedures in your office.

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Find A Consolidation Of Debt Loan: Personal Unsecured Loans With Bad Credit 5 Steps

By Everett Maclachlan

When you have too much debt, it almost feels like you are carrying around 30 or 40 extra pounds on your body. The extra financial weight is always there lurking, even when you are not trying to take out a loan or apply for a low-interest rate credit card. However, when you do need to borrow money or qualify for credit, suddenly the weight of your situation becomes all-too-clear.

There are many types of debt, including mortgage debt, auto loans, student loans, department store cards and of course credit card debt. In terms of their effect on your FICO (credit) score, credit card debt is by far the worst in the eyes of creditors.

It is not at all uncommon these days for people to have $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more in credit card debt. Much of this is high-interest debt, which makes it particularly hard to pay down. Making only the monthly minimum payments is not enough – doing only that would mean most people would never get out of debt during their lifetimes. The more you try to pay it down, the more the debt seems to add up.

One way out is a consolidation-of-debt loan. This type of loan works by your taking out a single, low-interest loan that you use to pay down the credit card debt. The challenge is that, if you have a bad credit score, it can be hard to take out a personal unsecured loan.

If you need a consolidation-of-debt loan, personal unsecured loans may be the way to go. Here are 5 steps to getting funded:


1. Get a clear picture of your financial standing:

If you really want to get out of debt once and for all, you will need to take clear stock of your financial standing. This means really facing the facts about how much debt you have and at what interest rate. Rather than just throwing more money at your debt with a new loan, you will want to take a calculated approach to getting yourself out of debt.

2. Know the landscape of your credit report:

Next, before you start applying for loans, be sure to run your credit report with at least 2-3 of the top credit bureaus. Note the reasons for your bad credit score. And, be sure to report any errors on your report so that you can get them removed.

3. Put together a plan for repayment of your personal unsecured loan:

Next, you will want to put together a plan. Once you take out this new loan, how will you repay it? After all, the goal is to get yourself out of debt, not stay in it forever.

4. Build a lender list:

Now, it is time to find your lender. Make sure to do searches for “bad debt personal unsecured loan lender.” You will want a list of at least 4 or 5 lenders before you begin applying to any of them.

5. Apply using strong negotiation tactics:

There are two ways to apply for a personal loan: passively or proactively. Don’t just be passive, filling out the application and doing the minimum to get approved. Instead, be proactive. Be ready to address any concerns the lender may have about your credit report. Be prepared to show the lender that you are credit-worthy; show your employment history, residential history, and any other factors that can help your case.

Take these 5 steps to getting approved for an unsecured personal consolidation loan.

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The Benefits Of Installing A Solar Photovoltaic System In Hawaii

byAlma Abell

There was a time when energy costs in Hawaii were higher than many other areas of the country, but solar energy has changed that picture. Several years ago residents began to harness the sun’s power to create renewable energy, and today it is very common to see a Solar Photovoltaic System in Hawaii, as more residents choose eco-friendly, affordable solutions.

Solar Solutions Are Economical

When solar energy was first introduced it was often too expensive for the average homeowner. However, as technology advanced and providers became more efficient, equipment and installation costs have gone down and now it is typical for a new home to include a Solar Photovoltaic System in Hawaii. Experts such as The Sonshine Solar Corp can provide equipment that allows homeowners to harness the sun’s power to produce all of their home’s electric. They offer solar hot water heaters, too. It has been estimated that customers reduce utility bills up to 50% with natural energy. They reduce water heating costs by up to 90%. Installation of renewable energy equipment entitles customers to State and Federal Tax credits. Their savings and rebates make conversion cheap enough to pay for new equipment in a fairly short time.

Solar Solutions Help Save the Earth

When fossil fuels like oil are used to create energy, they generate tons of pollution every year. Energy professionals estimate that an average home consisting of four people emits about eight tons of carbon dioxide per year. That is almost twice what their car produces. However, the renewable energy created from the sun helps keep the air clean and fresh and conserves natural resources.

Solar Solutions Are Reliable

Now that many companies have had years of experience perfecting solar equipment, providers can offer reliable products that last a lifetime. Technicians are now experienced with the latest technology and can offer clients a variety of money-and-earth-saving energy options. Many Hawaiian solar experts have become respected members of their communities and residents now rely on them for quality solutions.

Solar energy is popular in Hawaii because it helps save the environment while saving customers money. In addition installers can now offer customers a variety of solar solutions and provide quality equipment at affordable prices.